Seminar on Creativity & Innovation in Science Education, Perdana University, Malaysia

The Perdana University School of Foundation Studies will be hosting a series of educational events for academicians, teachers, coaches, instructors alike to improve their teaching methodology and be exposed to the latest innovations in education. The events are open to the public, and anyone from the education industry can attend!

The first in this series is a Seminar on Creativity & Innovation in Science Education where award-winning speakers from the Education Industry will refresh participants with invigorating and current thoughts in teaching and learning.


Dear Colleague, 
It is with a great pleasure that we invite you to our partner’s, Perdana University School of Data Sciences‘ very first Data Science eXchange Conference (DSxC2019). The theme for the inaugural conference is “Ready, Set and Go!”, signifying the need for swift actions to align with the rapidly evolving field of data science in the disruptive era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.
DSxC2019 focuses on showcasing the best of data science among students, post-docs, young and experienced researchers, interspersed with keynote and plenary talks by established researchers and luminaries in the field. Speakers from the industry are also invited to share on the latest developments in data science. The event promises to be a great opportunity for scientific discourse.